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My name is Julia and I believe life can be abundant in love, adventure, and purpose. I also believe the path to our dream lives begin when we learn to care for our body and soul.

This process began for me when I started eating (just) plants, after some serious party years abroad. Food was my stepping stone into the world of self-care. I returned to school and gained my designation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Plant-based of course.

I experienced the ability of plants to fill me with energy and life. Physical changes are wonderful, but my favourite part was the transformation in my view towards our world and all those who call it home. 

I'm a girl who's drawn to the sea and followed my heart from Toronto to Byron Bay, where I live now. Spending my time practising yoga, splashing in the white wash, running on the beach, and obsessing over my beautiful bunnies.

I'm here to share my journey and hope it will show how simple yet vibrant this plant-based life can be.  

Love, Julia